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Love or hate it: How Love Island stole the Social Media spotlight

It is what it is…Whether you love it or hate it, the popular ITV2 reality show, Love Island, has been back on our screens, bringing with it the usual banter, heated drama and the fantastically witty memes that fill all of our timelines throughout the show.

Since its initial start, the show has gained excessive popularity throughout the UK, starting at 570,000 average weekly viewers in 2015, to where it is now with an average 4 million+ weekly viewers tuning in and investing valued time into this years Islanders.

Safe to say, the show is really ‘cracking on’ to new heights.


So, why this level of success?

The shows structure is not only appealing to the usual reality TV show fans, but to those who wouldn’t usually choose to sit and watch shows of this calibre as well.

Let’s just say it’s very easy to get gripped in by this shows clutches. Trust me.

Its digital and audience focused approach has managed to capture all audience types, more so than any other show is doing at the moment and is clearly now seeing an increased influx of viewers with every passing year and new series as a result.

Now that’s true grafting, Anton!


A HUGE driving force for the success has almost everything to do with the influence it has had throughout the wonderful world that is Social Media.

Whether you consider yourself an avid viewer of the show, or maybe have only just started to watch, you have most likely scrolled through your social feed at some point over the last few weeks and noticed some form of conversation about or mention of Love Island and its current contestants.

No matter where you look, the Love Island name is being plastered everywhere.

You will see content distributed all over the internet for promotion and although utilising social to the full, the vast majority of the shows main social engagements are surfacing from that of Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.


The personal social media team, who head up the @LoveIsland accounts are producing content which is purpose made for audience participation and with the idea of sharing already in mind.

With their Video based highlights before and after each show, engaging Stories from the Villa, dipping their toes in the Podcasting pool as well as having sponsors become part of the conversation, is there really any wonder why the show is doing so well?

Content is king and the Love Island team are going ‘factor 50’ when producing theirs.

But not all credit can be given solely to the shows team themselves.

Most of the more enjoyable pieces come from the daily Love Island viewers who make humorous memes, share GIFs of or just making comments of observation as the show progresses.

If you’re looking for a good laugh, I defy you to look up #LoveIsland on Twitter or Instagram. You will not be disappointed.


The power of this TV show is undeniable. Regular people or those with famous brothers or who are ex Blazin Squad members, are being turned into instant social media/reality stars and they don’t even realise it or the impact they are having back home.

One current example is Tommy Fury. He may be the brother of Tyson Fury, but his personal fame and reach was initially minimal. Since entering the villa he has now surpassed 1.8 million Instagram followers. 

But he is not the only one.

One breakout star who instantly stole the hearts of a nation is, and this is a direct 'Message', is Ovie Soko. Coming into the show late, during the Casa Amor portion, has easily become one of the quickest show stars to reach over 1 million Instagram followers. 

Basically, once you enter, prepare for your blue tick and some kind of promotional code when you either get dumped, or leave the villa.


ITV2 is onto something and we’re not the only ones to notice. The ITV bosses have seen the success and have announced they are now planning a Winter version of the show which is set to begin in 2020. 

Least we know where there head is at and that they are ready to capitalise and keep those love connections going!

What do you think? Let us know!

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