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We all know it and we all love it: Black Friday. Every year, sellers everywhere reduce their prices, enticing the deal grabbers. Since this happen right before Christmas, sales are through the roof. And as customers, we jump at the chance of a deal, and since there’s so many in this period you need to stand out.


What is Black Friday?

Although this seems an obvious question, lots of people don’t know the potential that comes from Black Friday.

Black Friday is the day that a lot of people say marks the start of intense Christmas shopping. Sellers will promote their products or services heavily, as their prices drop. Anyone loves a good deal, so showing off the ones you have is the best place to start.

Although Black Friday should be one day, campaigns often start weeks before. Actual sales usually go up one week before. This gives buyers a chance to browse, which means the sellers also get more customers.

The event ends on Cyber Monday (which is the same type of thing just based online and with tech).

Although the event is a week long period, sellers often change their sales during this time. So, for example, they may have 60% off one day and decrease this by 10% each day until the sale is over.


Is it Important to do?

Essentially, getting your business involved in Black Friday should be something you try. It’s a huge event that everyone knows and talks about, and customers will be itching to buy. The increased sales (although decreased price) will ultimately benefit you. Yet, this is only if you market yourself right.

If you want statistics: on average a British person will spend £220 on Black Friday/Cyber Monday this year. Men are likely to spend £234, while woman are at £206. Like I said, everyone loves a sale.

A lot of people will purposely not buy an item, holding onto money until Black Friday comes around, in hope it'll be on sale.

Plus, if you offer better deals than your competitors, you may even steal their customers.


1. Free Gifts

A lot of sellers will give away a free gift with specific purchases. An example is some phone companies, who will give away a phone case (free or discounted). For example, Apple will gift you free apple TV for a specific amount of months. Of course, a lot of other business types also do this, and you can do it any way you like.

Whether the gift you’re thinking of is big or small, discounted or free, people are always going to be enticed by it. It’s another way of breaking your Black Friday out of the mould; you'll be standing out.

Of course, it’s not for every business type. But, if you’re able to do it, why not? It also gives you just another content idea to put in your social media pages, if you have them.


2. Deal a Day

As I mentioned before, sellers will start their Black Friday a week before, changing deals daily until it's over. That way you can keep on advertising daily without repeating yourself.

For example, you could offer a 60% off deal, then the next day do 50%, then the next day do 40% and so on. You could even do this hourly, just on actual Black Friday (if you wish).

With this surprise factor, your customers will want to come back again and again to check what the deal is like now. It’s a good way to keep the suspense and attraction.

Keep in mind that there are apps and tools that you can use the schedule posts to make this a lot easier for you to market.

But remember, you’ll have to keep your actual sales organised on your website also, so that it all matches up. There are tools/apps available that can do this for you as well.


3. Black Friday Sneak Peak Promotion

As Black Friday approaches, you could offer sneak peaks at specific items that will be involved.

This gives people an idea of what to wait for and, if they’re interested, will keep them anticipating it. This means, when your deals release, you will already have people there.

You could do this through a simple graphic, a GIF, a slideshow, a small animation video - anything you like. Whatever you decide to do will ultimately depend on your business type. This involves what you sell, what platform you use and how many sneak peaks you'll give.

This could be shared to your social media accounts or sent off in email marketing campaigns. If you have returning customers on an email list, this would be a good way to go.


4. Hashtag, Hashtag

As we all know, hashtags and keywords are a necessity in marketing if you really want new people to see your stuff. This doesn’t change for Black Friday.

Simply using the phrase ‘Black Friday’ or ‘Cyber Monday’ or even just ‘deals’ will earn you extra exposure. Hash-tagging these keywords is all the better. Remember, though, don’t use too many else it can look slightly spam-like.

You should hashtag the products/services that you’re promoting, so that customers can find you easily. This makes your audience a lot more relevant to you, and will help increase the people going to your site.


5. Email Lists

If you have an email list of previous customers already, why not send them out a big promotional email? Having bought from you before, there’s a high chance that they’re going to be interested in the deals you have going on right now.

Since these are previous customers, you may want to offer them something on top of what everyone else is getting too; they'll feel like they're getting actual benefits from being signed up.

For example, giving them an extra discount code before you release the deals so they get first pick, or even a discount code to go on top of your deals. Offer them additional savings and make it feel worth their while to be subscribed.

Giving them a heads up of discounts (like the previous step) is may also be a good thing to do. You want them to anticipate the sales.

However, if you wanted to email potential customers instead you will want to change it up a little. Email them about current deals, rather than upcoming ones. And promote specific things rather than the entire sale.

You don’t want to come across too formal or promotional, as this will likely be seen as spam and will be deleted before you get a read (either from the email company or the user). Because of this, make sure you think about how your subject line would come across.


There you have it! 5 tips of how to market your business for Black Friday in order to get the sales you desire. If you don’t know how to do it yourself, 5RV Digital can help you out with this.

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